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In this disc released by Harmonia Mundi, Marielou Jacquard, Stéphane Degout and Felicity Palmer, accompanied by pianist Simon Lepper, interpret some of the most beautiful lieder of German romanticism.


« The dark mezzo of Marielou Jacquard in Die Nonne und der Ritter »

Marie-Aude Roux for

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“ Playing the acrobat between baroque music and contemporary creation, mezzo Marielou Jacquard cultivates her taste for eclecticism in the diversity of her repertoire. She performed in Acteon by Charpentier with Les Cris de Paris, directed by Benjamin Lazar and shot at the Théâtre du Châtelet, and in the spring she will record Cavalli's Egisto with the Poème Harmonique. In the meantime, she answers, not without humor, to our Proust's questionnaire. "

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Marielou Jacquard interprets the role of Junon, accompanied by Les Cris de Paris under the direction of Geoffroy Jourdain, and directed by Benjamin Lazar.

Video recording realized by Corentin Leconte at the Théâtre du Châtelet.

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« Marielou Jacquard embodies Costanza with a supple voice that highlights the character’s profound sensitivity. Her musicality and extremely well-done piani allow her to express Costanza’s deep suffering. »

Online Musik Magazin - Costanza/Riccardo Primo, HÄNDEL


Young mezzo-soprano with a lush and rare timbre, Marielou Jacquard obtained with success and distinction a Master’s degree in Opera at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler (Berlin) in Christine Schäfer’s class. She studied over-there with KS Julia Varady, Wolfram Rieger for Lied and Peter Berne for Bel Canto.

At a very early age, as she was a member of the Maitrise de Radio France, Marielou discovered her passion for music and stage acting by interpreting her first role, Flora, in The Turn of the Screw by B. Britten, at the Dijon opera in 2002-2003. After that, she incarnated l’ange in Ursule1.1 by Morgan Jourdain, directed by Benjamin Lazare and conducted by Geoffroy Jourdain at the Quimper Theater.

In 2014, conductor Wolfgang Katschner noticed her because of her musicality and vocal agility. He chose her to play the part of Costanza in Händel’s Riccardo Primo at the Händelfestpiele Halle and the Ludwigsburger Festspiele in a Lautten Compagney production. This is the beginning of an affinity with baroque music which asserts a little more every day. The same year, during a residency under René Jacobs at Royaumont, she played Nerone in the Incoronazione di Poppea by Monteverdi.

As an eclectic artist, Marielou is also deeply involved in contemporary creation. She has been invited to perform at the  Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin as well as at the Werkstatt of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden for two world creations - My corporate Identity by Thierry Tidrow and Abstract Pieces by Manos Tsangaris. She is dedicatee of several pieces, notably Le Coeur Crucifié by Héloise Werner.

Over the past few years, she has performed at the Festival d’Aix en Provence Academy, at the Royal Chapel of Versailles, at the Ambronay Festival and at the Musica Sacra Festival in Quito (Ecuador). In Berlin, she has sung at the Tacheles, the Radial System, and the Konzerthaus.

Recently, she played with temperament the young Cherubin in Mozart's Marriage of Figaro in a French tour of Opéra Eclaté, the 3rd camerist in Le Nain by Zemlinsky at the Lille, rennes and Caen operas and Lady MacBeth in a creation by guitarist and composer Marc Ducret at the Lille Opera. She recently embodied the role of Apollo in Coronis by Sebastian Duron with the Poème Harmonique at the Caen Theater and on tour in France, and she sang the role of Garcias in Don Quichotte by Massenet at the Tours Opera. 

Her  « very resonant voice, with a solid anchor, and the prosody of storyteller, souple and well articulated » (Olyrix, Charles Arden), leads her naturally to the art of recital. She participated in the inaugural promotion of the l’académie de Lied et Mélodie Orsay-Royaumont and gave numerous recitals, in particular with the pianist Kunal Lahiry at the Musée d'Orsay, at the auditorium of the Auditorium du Petit Palais -Récital Jeunes Talents- and in the framework of the Concertini at the Monnaie in Bruxelles.

Passionate about acting skills, she has interpreted at the theater the roles of Sascha, Ivanov’s lover, in the eponymous play by Tchekhov, and of Hitler in Germania by Heiner Müller at the Arts Academy of Berlin.

The 2020-2021 season is full of surprises - cancellations but also new inspiring projects - and breathes into the young artist a renewed creativity in the face of the health situation which is having an unprecedented impact on the cultural sector.


With the Cris de Paris, she will perform in several festivals : Ambronay, Abbaye en Lorraine and Chaise Dieu which, failing to be able to play in summer, will open their doors in fall to residences and concerts in small formation. In this tour-residence, she will play the role of Juno in Acteon by Charpentier. This tour will conclude with a recording of the opera, directed by Benjamin Lazare. Among the major events of 2021, we can note Cavalli's Egisto at the Royal Opera of Versailles in concert with the Harmonic Poem, as well as a tour of La Fontaine's Fables, whose 400th anniversary is celebrated in 2021, harmonized by Offenbach with the Picardy orchestra. She will also give numerous recitals with the pianist Kunal Lahiry, as well as contemporary music concerts, notably with the collective Art for Art in Germany.

« The duet with the Marielou Jacquard's Apollo is very precise, their two voices marrying wonderfully. The latter, arched legs, asserts a comic presence which is found in the theatricality of her phrasing and the brilliance of her voice. » 


Olyrix -  Appolo / Coronis - DURON




SEASON 2020-21

Septembre 4th and 5th 2020


Actéon by Charpentier with Les Cris de Paris

Role: Junon

Conductor: Geoffroy Jourdain

Abbayes en Lorraine

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September 12th and 13th 2020


Actéon by Charpentier with Les Cris de Paris

Role: Junon

Conductor: Geoffroy Jourdain


Festival de la Chaise-Dieu

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September 15th and 16th 2020


Actéon by Charpentier with Les Cris de Paris

Role: Junon

Conductor: Geoffroy Jourdain

Festival Sinfonia en Périgord

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September 27th and 28th 2020


Actéon by Charpentier with Les Cris de Paris

Role: Junon

Conductor: Geoffroy Jourdain

Festival d'Hardelot

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October 1st - 3rd 2020


Actéon by Charpentier with Les Cris de Paris

Role: Junon


Conductor: Geoffroy Jourdain


Festival d'Ambronay

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November 14th 2020 (postponed on June 29th 2021)


Recital at the Musicales en Lubéron

With pianist Kunal Lahiry

Musicales du Lubéron

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November 20th 2020 (cancelled)


concert „Der Sound macht die Sprache“ (contemporary music)

Pieces by Sarah Nemtsov and Helmut Oehring

with l'Art pour l'Art ensemble


Winsen, Germany

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5 décembre 2020


Actéon by Charpentier - Live broadcast

Rôle: Junon

Conductor: Geoffroy Jourdain, staging: Benjamin Lazar

Film directed by Benjamin Lazar

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March 6th 2021 (postponed on September 26th 2021)

Pauline Viardot.png

Recital Les Chansons du Berry by Pauline Viardot

Festival de Nohant-Vic

Maison de George Sand, Nohant

March 19th 2021 (recording)


Egisto by Cavalli with le Poème Harmonique

Roles: Venere and Fedra

concert version


Conductor: Vincent Dumestre


Opéra Royal de Versailles

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May 23rd 2021


Victor Hugo recital

With avec Hasnaa Bennani, soprano and Xénia Maliarevitch, piano


Les musicales de la vallée-aux-loups

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June 8th 2021 (cancelled)


Extracts from Psalmens David by H. Schütz

Les Cris de Paris

Conductor: Geoffroy Jourdain


Grand Théâtre de la Coursive, la Rochelle

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June 13th 2021

la fontaine.jpg

Les Fables by Offenbach

Orchestre de Picardie

Conductor: Arie van Beek


Palais des Rencontres de Château-Thierry

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June 22nd 2021


Benefit concert « les voix solidaires »

Les Voix Solidaires 2021 edition to combat  violence against women

With Calms association

Opéra de Nice


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June 29th 2021 (postponed to fall 2022)


Recital Les enfants qui s'aiment

With pianist Kunal Lahiry

Les musicales du Lubéron

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July 9th 2021


Coronis by S. Duron with le Poème Harmonique (concert version)

Role: Apollo

Conductor: Vincent Dumestre

« A ciel ouvert » festival

Château du Champs de Bataille

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July 13th 2021


L’Enfant et les Sortilèges by Ravel

Role: la Bergère / la Chauve-Souris / la Chouette

Orchestre national de Bordeaux

Conductor: Paul Daniel

Festival Pulsations (Pygmalion Bordeaux)

Opéra de Bordeaux

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July 18th 2021


Pauline Viardot and popular songs

Pieces by Pauline Viardot, Julien Tirsot and creation by Lise Borel

With pianist Marie Vermeulen and Les Gâs Du Berry Ensemble

Festival « un temps pour elles »

July 29th 2021


Quartett concert

German romantic music

With Maja ensemble

Festival « les Nuits du Mont Rome »

Théâtre David, Saint Sernin du Plain

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« Marielou Jacquard does not shy away from deploying her deep-seated, anchored voice, with the supple and articulate prosody of a storyteller. » 


Olyrix - Recital at Abbaye de Royaumont




Coronis - Apollon
Coronis - Apollon
Coronis - Apollon
Coronis - Apollon
Les Noces de Figaro - Chérubin
Les Noces de Figaro - Chérubin
Abstract Pieces
Abstract Pieces
Abstract Pieces
Der Zwerg de Zemlinsky
Das Schwarzes Wasser
Du darfst nicht lieben
Du darfst nicht lieben
Du darfst nicht lieben
Once in a Lullaby
Once in a Lullaby
Germania de Heiner Müller
Récital avec Daniel Gerzenberg
Récital avec Tristan Pfaff
Récital avec Kunal Lahiry
Photo: Charles Mignot
Photo: Lilas Duvernois
Photo: Charles Mignot
Photo Lilas Duvernois
Photo: Lilas Duvernois
Photo: Charles Mignot


Capture d’écran 2020-05-17 à 19.08.12.

Lieder & Balladen


Best Lieder and Ballads of german romanticism in collaboration with

Harmonia Mundi Label

Le promenoir des deux amants.jpg

Le Promenoir des Amants


Songs Album of the Académie Orsay/Royaumont in collaboration with

B  Records Label

« Marielou Jacquard’s facetiousness as a Cherubino vibrant with desire, jostled around and roughed up, [...] mischievously punctuated the quality of this first-rate production. » 


La dépêche du midi - Les Noces de Figaro - Festival de Saint Céré 2018


« As for the vengeful goddess Juno, she is sung with character by the mezzo-soprano Marielou Jacquard, with a velvety tone. » Olyrix - Junon in Actéon - CHARPENTIER 4.10.2020


APPOLO in Coronis - Théâtre de Caen - Fall 2019

« The duet with the Marielou Jacquard's Apollo is very precise, their two voices marrying wonderfully. The latter, arched legs, asserts a comic presence which is found in the theatricality of its phrasing and the brilliance of its voice. »  Damien Dutilleul- Olyrix- 7.11.2019

« Marielou Jacquard and Caroline Meng brilliantly embody Apollo and Neptune. »  Webtheatre Christian Wasselin 7.11.2019

"« Marielou Jacquard in God of the sun and Caroline Meng in God of the sea are absolutely amazing, putting an impeccable vocal technique and loud voices at the service of these two characters both disturbing and funny despite themselves. »  Forum Opera Jean-Marcel Humbert 8.11.2019

« the bouncing Apollo of Marielou Jacquard digs the ambiguity of a cruel and hysterical character. »  Bachtrack Philippe Ramin 8.11.2019

« Marielou Jacquard's fabulous Appolo with highs filled with panache » Classique News 18.11.2019

See the complete press review

« It’s Marielou Jacquard, in the role of Costanza, who convinces the most with her crystalline timbre and her musical intelligence. » TLZ - Costanza in Riccardo Primo - HÄNDEL 8.11.2019
« The mezzo Marielou Jacquard does not hesitate to deploy her very anchored voice, with a broad seat, with a storytelling prosody, flexible and articulated. » Olyrix - Recital of french Melodies at the Abbaye de Royaumont
« Marielou Jacquard embodies Costanza with a flexible voice, which underlines the deep sensitivity of the character. Through its musicality and extremely well-made piani, it expresses the deep suffering of Costanza. » Online Musik Magazin - Costanza in Riccardo Primo, HÄNDEL
By Aliette de Laleu for Présence Compositrices - July 2020 - Read the interview


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